Bench Realty is an Independent Real Estate Company with 30 Years of Industry Experience

We are not affiliated with any big corporate real estate firm and do not pay their big corporate fees.

Go to and search, and then come back here to save money on real estate commissions.

Go to and search, and then come back here to save money on real estate commissions.

We save all that money and give it our customers in the form of reduced commissions.

We do not have a fancy website with expensive search features.

You pay a flat 1% fee (+ a reasonable buyer agent co-op) at closing when you list and sell your home with us.

For a good search website, we recommend

We rebate 1% of our buyer’s agent co-op commission (paid by the seller) to you at closing when you buy with us.

It's that simple.

If you are in the market to buy a new home, send us an email or give us a call. We will set up a search for homes in the local MLS, and have available home descriptions sent to your inbox. We will set up showings for the homes you want to see, prepare all documents for you to buy the home you choose, and when we close the transaction, we will rebate 1% of the purchase price to you from our buyer’s agent co-op commission.

If you need to sell your home, follow the 10 steps listed below.

10 Steps to Selling Your Home


1. Contact Us

Contact us via phone or email to schedule an appointment.

3. Sign Electronically

Sign your personalized listing agreement electronically.

5. We'll List Your Home

We will list your home for sale on the local MLS and the Internet.

7. We'll Place a Lock Box

We will place our company sign in your yard and a lock box on your door.

9. We'll Look at the Options

We will review all offers with you, sharing our decades of experience.

2. Meet With Us

We will meet with you to share pricing and selling strategies.

4. Professional Photos Taken

Your home will be professionally photographed at your convenience.

6. Showings Will Be Scheduled

Showings will be scheduled through a showing service with your approval.

8. We'll Prepare All the Documents

All required disclosures are prepared for you to sign electronically.

10. We'll Handle Everything

We will professionally coordinate your sale from contract to closing.

No Up-Front Costs

Traditional Listing Service for
one low price! No up front costs!

We Charge Less

Traditional brokerage
firms charge sellers 6% or more.

Less Due at Closing

We will sell your home for (1% of the selling price) payable at closing + a reasonable buyer agent co-op.

Convenient Process

We will meet with you, at your convenience, to share pricing and selling strategies.

We'll Discuss Options

We will advise you on a reasonable buyer agent co-op to offer in the MLS.

Full-Service Office

We are a full service Real Estate office and offer full service from listing to closing.

Example: $350,000 Sales Price

Traditional Listing: 6% real estate commission = $21,000

Our Flat Fee: 2.5% buyer agent commission + $3,500 = $12,250

You save $8,750!

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